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November 06, 2012

WiLDCOAST Leads Tijuana River Restoration Project, Partners with Urban Corps

by Paloma Aguirre

WiLDCOAST, through funding from the City of San Diego Stormwater department has partnered with Urban Corps to conduct massive trash and tire removal in the Tijuana River Valley prior to the 2012 rain season beginning and flushing it out to sea.  

“Urban Corps is excited to partner with WiLDCOAST on the Tijuana River Valley Restoration Project,” said Robert Chávez, Chief Executive Officer for the Urban Corps of San Diego County. “The Tijuana River is an important ecological resource for the San Diego-Tijuana border region and pollution in the river is a multi-dimensional problem that impacts the environment on both sides of the border. This project will go a long way to help mend the fragile eco-system of the Tijuana River Valley while providing green job training and education to Urban Corps’ underserved, low income population”

Founded in 1989 to serve San Diego’s at-risk youth, the Urban Corps of San Diego County is a certified conservation corps and charter school. Focusing on environmental work ranging from recycling, graffiti removal, and conservation projects to minor home rehab, weatherization and construction, the Urban Corps gives San Diego’s young adults a second chance to earn a high school diploma while providing paid on-the-job training, job placement, and career development. 

The Tijuana River Restoration Project comes on the heels of the culmination of the record-breaking 3rd Annual Tijuana River Action Month where, over 2,500 volunteers helped remove more than 62,000 lbs of trash and close to 700 waste tires from the Tijuana River Watershed. Through WiLDCOAST's Tijuana River Restoration Project in partnership with Urban Corps, an additional 15,000 lbs of trash and 1000 waste tires are expected to have been removed from the waterway, preventing detrimental impacts to coastal and marine wildlife and protected areas such as the federally protected Tijuana Estuary and the newly established Tijuana River Mouth Marine Protected Area.