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December 14, 2012

Make A Difference. Conserve Coastal Treasures, Large and Small!

Photo by Antoni Murcia

WiLDCOAST conserves coastal ecosystems and wildlife, large and small. From protecting sea turtle hatchlings in Oaxaca, to conserving miles of threatened coastline that are home to whale birthing lagoons, we tackle new and emerging threats to our coastal heritage, to preserve their natural beauty and wildlife for generations to come.


In 2012, our international conservation team:

·       halted the proposed Cabo Cortes mega-development, which threatened Cabo Pulmo’s marine reserve, and the only living coral reef in North America.

·       mobilized over 3000 volunteers to clear over 150,000 pounds of ocean-bound trash on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

·       conserved 2,970 acres and over 9 miles of threatened coastline in Baja California.

·       educated the public about the importance of the 15,000 acres of Marine Protected Areas in San Diego County.


But our work is not done! As we head into 2013, we will continue to our efforts to permanently preserve Cabo Pulmo; to address pollution issues along the U.S.-Mexico border; and to conserve nearly 200 miles of coastal ecosystems.


Help us conserve our coastal treasures! Your gift today will ensure that we can continue to defend some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and endangered marine life. Thanks to a challenge grant from the Sandler Foundation, all new and increased gifts from previous donors will be DOUBLED, up to $100,000! Save our coast and ocean—donate today!