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December 20, 2012

WiLDCOAST Expands Protected Area in Baja California

WiLDCOAST Continues Land Conservation Efforts on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast.
Shoreline protected through direct purchase in 2012

In 2012, WiLDCOAST added 9.3 miles and 2,970 acres of coastline to our protected area on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast in Baja California. The area protected this year includes rocky headlands, sweeping dune beaches and wetlands and connects existing protected areas. To date, WiLDCOAST has conserved a total of 24,708 acres and 29.4 miles of coastline in the region, one of North America’s least disturbed coastal stretches.

WiLDCOAST also installed informational signage on two protected properties, removed eight tons of debris from an abandoned dumpsite and carried out four site surveys to monitor plant distribution, endemism and threats and locate archeological sites for national registry as a conservation mechanism.

In 2013, WiLDCOAST will continue to protect critical shoreline in the region through direct land purchases and stewardship activities such as signage, cleanups and surveys. We thank all of those that have contributed to the success of this project and we look forward to another exciting year. Happy holidays!