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February 14, 2013

Take a Brief Journey to the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast

Images from One of WiLDCOAST's Most Precious Project Sites
Th sand dunes of the Cirios Coast are in constant change

Travels to the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast of Baja California never get old. The desert gardens and shorelines west of Cataviña are in constant change. Boojum Tree forests erupt in symphonies of color after the slightest rainfall. New families of coyotes take residence beneath rocky headlands and sand dunes shift down the coastline like static waves with the omnipresent northwest winds.

Capturing this dynamic interface of the desert, wildlife and weather is not hard as subject matter is bountiful. And with a busy 2013 thus far which has included three journeys to the region I have had the opportunity to witness the rapid transformations and take home some imagery. Although a picture cannot replace the experience of actually being immersed in a forest of towering Cardons, or watching night give way to day in sailor warning pink from the comforts of a shorefront tent, it can at least briefly whisk the mind to the Cirios Coast.


-Zach Plopper