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February 27, 2013

East Cape Tour 2013 and the Miracle of Cabo Pulmo

Fay Crevoshay
Los Barriles

The WiLDCOAST team visted Cabo Pulmo and the East Cape in Baja California Sur in February to plan the next steps of our efforts to conserve the "world's most robust marine reserve" and update the residents of the region on the miracle of Cabo Pulmo.

Since 1999, due the development of a marine protected area, fish biomass has increased over 460% at Cabo Pulmo and the predator population, a key indicator of marine ecosystem health, has increased more than 1000%.

WiLDCOAST Executive Director, Serge Dedina, gave a series of lectures on the successful recovery of Cabo Pulmo and our campaign to stop plans to develop around the national park. Dedina and our team including Mexico Director Dr. Eduardo Najera, Cape Region Coordinator Sofia Gomez and Fay Crevoshay, Communications and Policy Director met with the residents of Los Barriles, Vinorama, Zacatitos, Cabo Pulmo and San Jose del Cabo.

Many residents expressed interest in collaborating with WiLDCOAST to protect the East Cape and Cabo Pulmo from incompatble development.

If you are a resident or the East Cape or Los Cabos Region (including Todos Santos) and would like to contact our Cape Region Coordinator, Sofia Gomez, you can reach her at or via Facebook.

We would also like to thank our hosts:

·      Cabo Pulmo / Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort,  and Restaurant Coral Reef, Maribel Castro.

·      San José del Cabo / Raíces y Brazos, Peter Domeqc.

·      Vinorama / Croossroads Country Club, Joan Hafenecker.

·      Los Barrilles / Hotel Palmas de Cortez, Roberto Van Wormer Jr y Chacha. Gracias Susan                Ackerman por convocar a la comunidad

·      Zacatitos / Zach´s Bar & Grill, Angel y Paul Rini