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April 01, 2013

WiLDCOAST’s Years of Work Results in Federal Prioritization for Tijuana River Cleanup and Conservation

Trash, Sediment and Water Quality to be Addressed

After years of community cleanups, and media campaigns, WiLDCOAST is applauding the International and Boundary Water Commission’s (IBWC) commitment to address trash and sediment in the Tijuana River Watershed through an international treaty agreement with Mexico. IBWC and its Mexican Counterpart agency, CILA, are working with WiLDCOAST and other stakeholder agencies, community members and non-profits to develop a binational agreement to improve trash and sediment management and improve water quality throughout the shared Tijuana River Watershed. WiLDCOAST will ensure the new agreement is strong by making specific recommendations for project creation and infrastructure improvements in order to reduce cross-border pollution.


The environmental health, economic and ecological impacts associated with Tijuana River pollution affect the lives of thousands of border region residents and visitors. Through this new binational agreement, specific projects to address trash, sediment and poor water quality will be developed, funded and implemented.


“WiLDCOAST and our volunteers, including ranchers, Navy Seals, surfers, students and families, are committed to return year after year to clean-up the Tijuana River and protect our beaches,” states Paloma Aguirre, Coastal Conservation Program Manager. “It is our hope that, through the development and implementation of a strong international treaty agreement to improve trash and sediment management and address water quality impairments, someday they won’t have to.”