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May 08, 2013

Escape and Enjoy the Otay Valley Regional Park!

Connect with Nature in the OVRP!

 In our increasingly crowded, busy and “connected” lives we are constantly seeking a way to escape.  It seems that so many people these days tend to walk around glued to a smartphone or some sort of device and it’s an almost automatic reaction to pull out a phone when conversation stops.  We tend to forget a very free, simple and healthy way to escape:  Go outside connect with nature! 

 Cities offer little respite against this ongoing feeling of hustle and bustle, except when they provide opportunities to access urban parks and nature based recreation areas such as the Otay Valley Regional Park (OVRP).  In a recent publication in Psychological Science it is argued that open space, more importantly open “green” space, such as parks or nature based recreation areas, are increasingly important and “living in a greener area had a significant effect” on life satisfaction.  The University of Exeter Medical School completed the study and though it was determined that moving to greener areas would not necessarily increase happiness, having access to urban green space can indeed improve life satisfaction. 

“The results show that even when stacked up against other factors that contribute to life satisfaction, living in a greener area has a significant effect.”

“These kinds of comparisons are important for policymakers when trying to decide how to invest scarce public resources, such as for park development or upkeep, and figuring out what ‘bang’ they’ll get for their buck” said Dr White.” 

For the communities of the south San Diego Bay and Otay Valley, the OVRP is a great example of an urban river parkway that provides great opportunities for nature based recreation and to access open space.  Also important to note, OVRP is a crucial natural habitat area where you can view native wildlife of the Otay Valley Watershed.  So get out there and enjoy!

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