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May 23, 2013

San Diego City Council Passes Resolution In Support of U.S.-Mexico Binational Treaty

by Paloma Aguirre

On Tuesday May 21, 2013  San Diego Council Council passed a resolution in support of the International and Boundary Water Commission's forthcoming new treaty agreement between the U.S. and Mexico to address trash, sediment and water quality in the Tijuana River Watershed.

"It's been a headache for the people who work in the region for many many years and we hope this new minute will lead to more progress, real progress, measurable progress in the region" said Councilmember David Alvarez, District 8 representative and proponent of the resolution.

The Tijuana River Watershed is a shared watershed between both nations and carries trans-boundary  trash, sediment each year into the Tijuana River Valley and Estuary and impacts beach water quality at border region beaches. Tijuana River pollution is a multi-dimensional problem that impacts the economy, the public health an the environment of the region.

This new treaty agreement will allow binational collaboration and funding to be allocated for binational projects to reduce the sources of cross-border trash and sediment and will improve water quality in the border region.


Click below to view video of the hearing: