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June 03, 2013

National Trails Day Cleanup in the Tijuana River Valley a Huge Success!!

by Paloma Aguirre

On Saturday June 1, 2013 in celebration of National Trails Day, fifty volunteers including Navy members, local equestrians, students and community members participated in the Effie May's Trail cleanup in the Tijuana River Valley. Supported by the County Park Rangers and lead by WILDCOAST intern Adrian del Riego they helped remove trash and waste tires from potentially flowing out into the ocean during the rains.

"I never would have thought it was this bad" said Scott Shannon,  Ocean Minded representative who came out in support of the event with extra cleanup supplies and goodies to give away to the volunteers. "Usually what we find at our cleanups are a lot of cigarrette butts, not car parts and pieces of furniture".

Adrian Del Riego, a High Tech High Chula Vista Junior intern for WILDCOAST helped lead the cleanup by guiding volunteers to areas where trash was most concentrated. "After doing all of the coordinating work to plan for the cleanup I feel like I can now go out and organize the next one myself" he said."I would very much like to involve some schools in Tijuana in these efforts to build a sense of binational partnership".

Approximately 100 waste tires and 2,000 lbs of trash were removed from the impacted trail which can now be used once again for horseback riding and hiking. Additionally this waste was prevented from impacting the coastal ecosystem of south San Diego. 

WILDCOAST would like to thank the County of San Diego Department of Public Works, California American Water Ocean Minded, REI, TRVEA for their support for this event and most of all, our volunteers for helping out.


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