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July 01, 2013

Shark Fin Ban in California Begins Today

Thank you to everyone that supported our action to ban the trade and possession of shark fins; specially iconic wrestler El Hijo del Santo for actively joining the campaign

 In 2010 The Shark Conservation Act (SCA) became law, aimed at protecting sharks by prohibiting finning sharks at sea.  Like many laws, its intent was good, but limited in scope because it addressed only part of the problem. 

Sharks finning continued in international waters and shark fins were sold all over the US. Shark populations kept declining.

Since,10 U.S. states and territories have passed even tougher legislation to protect declining shark populations. Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Delaware, Maryland, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa have banned the trade of shark fins, while American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands also prohibited the catch and possession of sharks in their territorial waters.