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July 02, 2013

The Baja Aerial Photographic Expedition

Fay Crevoshay

WILDCOAST, LightHawk, and photographer extraordinaire, Ralph Lee Hopkins organized an 8-day photographic expedition, May 20-28, 2013, to document over 100 important areas of biological diversity in need of protection along the Baja California Peninsula. The expedition started in the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and went all the way to San Diego, California, crisscrossing Baja, shooting impactful images of stunning places and beautiful wildlife.
The photos tell an important story of the conservation achievements and challenges in Baja California. “It was a amazing to have such a magnificent view of Baja’s islands, coastal wetlands and mangrove forests, as well as the impact of ongoing development throughout the coast.” said Ralph Hopkins, who worked closely with WILDCOAST to preserve Cabo Pulmo. Overall 13,000 geo-tagged images were captured and over 19 hours of video were filmed.

We thank volunteer pilot Colonel Will Worthigton for his trust  and patience  

Photos from the expedition can be seen on our Flickr page: