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July 10, 2013

Explore Your Urban River Parkways for a Healthy Mind

University of Washington says Green Cities means Good Health!

There is a global movement throughout metropolises, town centers, and suburbs to bring nature back into our lives through smart city planning, sustainable urban agriculture and restoring defunct urban land into green areas. 

 City life can be exhaustive and studies show that life in a city can actually dull our thinking.  One cure for this is to get out and explore nature.  Two project areas that WILDCOAST works in are the Tijuana and Otay River Valleys, both ecologically important urban river parkways that provide crucial free access to green space for the public. 

 Recent research published by the University of Washington states that “…Contact with nature helps children to develop cognitive, emotional, and behavioral connections to nearby social and biophysical environments and is important for encouraging imagination and creativity, cognitive and intellectual development, and social relationships.”  In a bustling city like San Diego, it is important to cherish the amazing urban river parkways (or beaches!) we have at our fingertips by going out and exploring.  The Otay Valley Regional Park is a great example of a restored urban river parkway that offers trails, fishing and nature viewing in an urban setting.  The Tijuana River Valley and Border Field State park gives you access to view wildlife and explore one of the world’s most ecologically significant estuaries. 

So put down that smartphone and coffee, hop on your bike and find respite from the “complex demands of urban life” by exploring one of San Diego’s fantastic urban river parkways. 

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