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August 09, 2013

Art and environmental education in Puerto San Carlos, Mag Bay – South Baja California

Young local artists decorate again the square for the XII Sea Turtle Festival

Since October 2011 we started working with local high school students in Mag Bay to increase their appreciation for the surrounding natural wealth by showing it in murals and sculptures as well as the cultural uniqueness in their coastal traditional social and productive activities.

We invited the well-known plastic artists from Baja, Francisco Merino and Napenda Love, to continue the new young local artists training in 2012 which resulted in the creation of three main murals for the 2012 Gray Whale festival,  the Sea Turtle Festival and one with children from the elementary school by leaders Damián Mayoral and Alexis “Karas” Contreras

Last July it was again the Sea Turtle Festival turn in Puerto San Carlos for their fourth great mural. During this XII edition, Damián and Karas were visiting their family and friends on vacation since last year they moved to La Paz to start their majors. Now, in 2013, we started organizing a new group of students to become an art and environmental education group. 

Together with the local organization Vigilantes de Bahía Magdalena and Damián Murillo, another young passionate of education and alternative tourism, we organized a first edition of an Environmental Festival dedicated to children in town. We presented an exhibit on plastic pollution and a drawing contest.

It is very clear there is in Puerto San Carlos great potential to create a youth conservation committee with students willing to work for conservation and healthy natural resources and ecosystems with art and science.

During our recent visit to Mag Bay, we also conducted a survey on perception and outreach for our quarterly gazette El Faro.  Thanks a lot to all of you who participated with your time!!

From the answers during the survey and from talking constantly with local children in plastic pollution workshops, we realize there are a lot of people who are quite interested in participating and being part of a trash management campaign for materials like plastic bottles and glass containers including local decision makers, middle schools and high schools, hotels, restaurants and individuals at home.

We will keep on working for healthier marine and coastal ecosystems with less and less and less plastic polluting them!!