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September 12, 2013

WILDCOAST Protects 3,992 Acres and 1.8 Miles of Coastline on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast.

Through Direct Purchases and Conservation Easements WILDCOAST has achieved the Conservation of 33.2 Miles and 30,000 Acres of Coastline in the Region.
Undisturbed shoreline protected through direct purchase.
The Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast of Baja California is one of the most intact coastal stretches in North America. With over 100 miles of undisturbed shoreline, dunes, wetlands and points, the region provides habitat for endemic, endangered and threatened wildlife and supports critical ecosystems services. Through direct land purchases, conservation easements and stewardship activities, WILDCOAST is protecting key areas in the region from parcel subdivisions, land speculation, mining and destructive tourism and industrial development ventures. We work extensively with local landowners, fishermen and the Mexican government to ensure that this globally unique coastline remains undisturbed for generations to come. This week WILDCOAST completed the transaction for a 3,992 acre property with 1.8 miles of pristine shoreline. The property not only has verdant Boojum Tree and Cardon forests but also ancient archeological sites such as shell middens, sleep circles and cave shelters. Prior to the purchase, WILDCOAST registered these sites with Mexico’s National Institute of Archeology and History. With the addition of this property to WILDCOAST’s protected area, a total of 33.2 miles and over 30,000 acres of shoreline in the region have been protected.