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September 16, 2013

Beach Cleanup and Surf at the Tijuana River Mouth MPA

By Diane Castaneda

Surf clubs from Mar Vista, Eastlake and Coronado High School hit the beach early Sunday morning to cleanup and surf the Tijuana River Mouth Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Imperial Beach. 

More than 35 kids picked up plastic bags, cigarette butts, bottles, foam cups, candy wrappers, paper, old shoes and other trash that was on its way into the ocean. The kids spent an hour cleaning the beach from the Imperial Beach Pier all the way south to the Tijuana River Mouth.   After the cleanup, the teams enjoyed a fun surf session at the same beach they helped keep clean. 

WILDCOAST is providing stewardship and engagement opportunities for San Diego youth to conserve the coast and ocean clean.  Through events like this, we are creating San Diego’s next generation of ocean leaders.

Special thanks to Terri Johnson, Robin Neihaus, Laura Randall and Monica and Randy Putland for making the event a possibility.