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January 07, 2011

County Health Officials Close Imperial Beach Shoreline

Due to potential impact from the Tijuana River
10 news reporting on Imperial Beach closure

San Diego County Health Officials closed the Imperial Beach shoreline this morning at approximately 8 am due to suspected pollution from the Tijuana River.

Officials now have one of the most progressive methods in water quality monitoring in the entire country. In addition to water sampling, Health Officials use field observations to monitor river flow, wind and swell direction; any unusual odors in the surf zone and an online resource provided by the Southern California Coastal Observancy System commonly known as the Plume Tracker: View here.

This tool allows users to see in real time the amount of water flowing in the river, measured in million gallons per day or (MGD) and ocean current direction. 

After completing field observations at the river mouth, monitoring the river gauge, plume tracker and based on the northerly direction of ocean current, County Health Officials made the decision to close the beach from Border Filed State Park to the North end of Imperial Beach.

Officials also collected water samples this morning but will not have results until tomorrow. Water sample analysis usually takes 24 hours to produce results. This has been a challenge in the past because ocean users would find out a day later that they had been surfing in polluted water the day before.

Real time updates on beach water quality status are always available @cleanwaternow


To view a video of what the Tijuana River looks like today Click Here