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October 14, 2013

Passion, Talent and Commitment at Wild 10-Salamanca

It was an honor to participate

From October 7-10, WILDCOAST staff including Serge Dedina, Eduardo Najera and Fay Crevoshay participated in the WILD10 Conference in Salamanca, Spain to talk about their efforts to preserve coastal and marine wilderness areas with participants from around the world. 


"It was a great opportunity to share the results of our work," said Serge Dedina. "But also to learn about effective strategies for preserving wild places."


The WILDCOAST staff discussed their work to preserve marine protected areas in California, wildlands in Baja California, sea turtle nesting beaches in Oaxaca and the successful campaign to preserve Cabo Pulmo National Park. 


The WILDCOAST team were elated to be able to participate in conference panels with world renowned ocean explorer and conservationist Sylvia Earle  who had lobbied to preserve Cabo Pulmo. Earle was thrilled about the success of Cabo Pulmo in restoring fish populations to the reef and said,  "We need more Cabo Pulmos."