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October 22, 2013

RIP Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral, Mexican Whale Conservationist

Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral, of Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, passed away today in La Paz, Mexico.
Don Pachico

Since the 1960s, Pachico, a fishermen and whale watching guide assisted generations of scientists and conservationists in the study and protection of the gray whales, sea turtles and countless other species of the federally protected gray whale birthing lagoon, located about 600 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border. 


From our Executive Director, Serge Dedina:


It was exactly 20 years ago that my wife Emily and I arrived in Laguna de San Ignacio to carry out our doctoral research on gray whale conservation. The first person we met there was Francisco "Pachico" Mayoral, who became our friend and "Profesor de la Laguna." Later that year Pachico gave us what were the blueprints to the $180 million ESSA salt project that was planned for Laguna de San Ignacio. 


Pachico just passed away and we will miss him greatly. Our condolences to his amazing family who are a testament to his quiet strength and vision of a world in which encounters with wild animals were something that everyone should experience. 


RIP Don Pachico. Thanks for all that you did to make the world a better place.


Watch this great video about Laguna San Ignacio and Pachico's dedication to the Gray Whale.