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From participating in beach clean ups, to sending an urgent petition, to volunteering at one of our exciting annual events... WILDCOAST appreciates and depends on the ongoing support from our many dedicated volunteers.

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As a supporter of WILDCOAST, you can be assured your gift will be hard at work funding some of the most effective conservation efforts of our time.  Thanks to a challenge grant from the Sandler Foundation – every dollar received from a new donor, or increased gift from an existing donor, will be matched. Please take advantage of this opportunity and increase the value of your gift. Make a Donation



Interested in volunteering at WILDCOAST? We appreciate and depend  on individuals like you stepping up to volunteer. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities open at all times based on your interests and school/work schedules. Volunteer Opportunities




Demonstrate your leadership talents to future employers. Research shows that 85 percent of companies consider internships during the recruitment process. Best of all, not only will you be gaining valuable experience, you will be helping WILDCOAST make a difference. Intern Opportunities




Become a Sponsor

Sponsors play an important role in the success in our fundraising events, education outreach and conservation programs. From in-kind donations to funding, there are many ways to contribute, and we offer a range of sponsorship options. Pledge to be a sponsor. For sponsorship information, please contact



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Our elected officials need to know how much you care. We promise to deliver each and every petition to the local, state or federal representatives they are addressed to. Sign a Petition.